An in-depth look at the dynamic email marketing tool for digital entrepreneurs.

Whether you are an aspiring or established digital marketing entrepreneur, email marketing is an incredibly important element of growing your business. Connecting with leads and previous customers to drive everything from new conversions to upselling, a successful email marketing plan is vital to maximizing your visibility and your income.

In this review, we will explore one of the top platforms that can help you accelerate your business growth, while keeping your marketing costs at a minimum.

What is Aweber?

E-mail marketing with Aweber

Aweber is the email marketing platform aimed towards helping digital entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and small business owners automate their email marketing. Based on delivering engaging email marketing campaigns, it has grown to be one of the biggest platforms in the industry.

What does Aweber offer digital marketers?

Aweber boasts a variety of impressive features that allow online entrepreneurs to build eye-catching emails, automate their campaigns and easily import their client lists.

Email Database Imports

A major benefit of Aweber is the ability to easily import your existing contact lists, which can then be categorized by everything from name to industry to just about any other identifier. Not only does this save time with bringing in your existing lead lists, but it also helps you craft personalized emails that connect with different demographics.

Dynamic Opt-In Forms

For those who are still building their online audience, Aweber offers all sorts of innovative ways to collect contact information and develop a leads list. Sign-up forms and pop-ups can be added to your website or landing page directly, while social media integrations and newsletter subscriptions can turn followers into email marketing prospects.

The fact that Aweber helps you not only market to your existing list, but grab new leads, is a huge plus!

A Variety of Email Templates

With over 700 unique e-newsletter and marketing email templates, Aweber definitely beats competitors like Mailchimp (less than 100) and Campaign Monitor (only 50). This means that you have a huge selection of possibilities in your email campaigns, so you can explore and find the right template for any situation.

Plus, the ability to integrate your own coding and customize the templates with the Drag+Drop Builder to fit your unique brand, products and styles means that you can quickly produce the perfect marketing email.

Responsive Email Designs

Every one of the 700 emails they offer are completely mobile-responsive, meaning that you will not lose out on any clients because they opened your email on the wrong device.

While this may be pretty much standard for every email marketing platform at the moment, it is good to know that Aweber doesn’t fall behind in responsive design. 

The only thing that can be improved is adding a function to preview your mobile design, as at the moment you have to send yourself an email and view it on the smartphone to see exactly how it turns out.

Easy-to-Setup Autoresponders

Every digital entrepreneur knows how important autoresponders are. The automatic email responses that are set off by either timing or a client action are crucial to making money 24/7.

Aweber makes it amazingly easy to create a series of follow-up emails based on everything from timing (ie. a ‘Check Out Our New Product’ email three days after subscribing) to user actions (ie. sending a discount code after customer’s first purchase).

The fact that Aweber makes it fast and easy to learn to use the autoresponders is a major bonus, especially for those new to email marketing.

Advanced Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

While autoresponders are great, Aweber’s marketing automation truly takes things to a new level! Digital entrepreneurs can literally develop an entire flow sequence called ‘Aweber Campaigns’ to create a full sales cycle, automatically.

By setting up the campaign, you are able to work out exactly what should happen depending on the actions taken by users over the course of your email campaign. 

Ie. If they open the first email but don’t click on the link, the get a follow up two days later.

If they open the first email and click a product link but don’t buy, they receive a coupon code a few hours after to help finalize the purchase.

If they open up the first email, click the product link and make a purchase, they receive a ‘friend referral email’. 

And so on, until you have a full sales campaign that gets you more sales, while you sleep.

A/B Testing

Email marketing split testing means that you send several different marketing emails to your list, then use analytics to see how each one performed. Then, you keep the best one for the future, while developing new ones to see if they can perform better.

Aweber lets you send three unique marketing emails in one campaign, so you can instantly see which of your emails is doing better than others. MailChimp also offers three, while Campaign Monitor only provides two, putting Aweber up there with the best.

Performance Reporting

Monitoring and analyzing the performance of marketing emails is something that all digital marketing specialists must do to make sure they get the best results.

Aweber provides reporting for key stats such as:

● Email open rate

● Clickthroughs and bounces

● Sign up method performance

● History of specific user activity

● Subscriber growth rates

Aweber’s reporting is broken down into three sections: ‘Reports’, ‘Subscribers’ and ‘Broadcasts’, allowing you to zero-in on the information you are looking for. This makes it faster and easier to find key data and improve your email marketing campaigns.

Third-Party Integrations

With over 900 unique third-party integrations that can be added to the Aweber platform, you have everything you need to integrate your email marketing with your other digital properties.

The integrations include major platforms such as Salesforce, WordPress, Paypal, Shopify and more. The easy addition of integrations through a quick snippet in your emails definitely saves you time and effort, especially for those who are not too tech-savvy.

Additional Features

There are some less-crucial but equally useful features that Aweber offers those looking to add emails into their digital marketing plans:

● Unlimited Emails to your contacts

● Free image hosting

● Thousands of stock images for free

● Auto-removes email addresses with 3 bounced emails

Aweber Pricing Review

Aweber is one of the most affordable email marketing platforms for what it delivers. 

We won’t get into the specifics of each package they offer, but their packages start at just $19 per month based on up to 500 users and go up to $149 per month for 10,000 – 25,000 users.

For digital marketing experts that have over 25,000 subscribers, they offer customer pricing plans based on your specific needs.

Overall, Aweber’s pricing definitely provides value, especially for any email marketers with below 5,000 subscribers who are looking to start building their business.

The Aweber Review Final Decision

Aweber gets a 4.8/5 rating

Our highest rated email marketing platform so far, Aweber delivers everything digital marketing entrepreneurs need to grow their client list, convert new clients and maximize sales in a platform that is very easy to use.


-Over 700 responsive email templates

-Affordable packages

-Easy to import contact lists

-Powerful autoresponders

-The innovative ‘Aweber Campaign’ tool

-Over 900 third-party integrations

-Three-email A/B Testing

-Excellent customer support


-Unable to view mobile email template when designing

Overall, I highly recommend Aweber to anybody in the digital marketing industry!

Get started with Premium Email Marketing campaigns to grow your business today with Aweber.

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