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Digital Marketing | A Helpful Detailed Guide

Digital Marketing | A Helpful Detailed Guide

The crucial purpose associated with your digital marketing efforts is making a sale. It also includes retaining your customers and having them come back for your goods over and over again. If you want your digital marketing to achieve the desired effect, there are a few things you must do. You must strategize your digital marketing.

This is what we want to talk about in the succeeding pages. How can you effectively strategize your digital marketing? What are the techniques involved? How can these techniques achieve the desired results? A good grasp of your digital marketing plan will encompass all these. For someone just starting out, grasping all the technicalities of digital marketing could feel daunting. It is but you will fit in quite well after trying them out for some time.

All the digital marketing techniques work together to help you attract the right customers, keep them and continue making sales. Digital marketing is very much like marketing in real time where you promote your business outside the internet. The vital difference is that digital marketing has-been designed to reach the customers of today’s world. It has also been designed to give your business a wider reach as it enables you to meet people that are not within your physical environment and who may need your product.

Most people in today’s world will first search the internet for solutions on things they look to buy or services that they need before they go on to find a physical location that they can get the same product or service. This is why you cannot ignore digital marketing.


The first most vital step for effective digital marketing is understanding your consumer market. You cannot properly sell to a market you do not understand. Your digital marketing efforts will be much more useful if you are talking to the right audience. If you bend over backward trying to sell to people who do not need your products, you will never make a sale. This makes it vital that you know who your consumers are. Even after you know them, you cannot approach them properly as you should if you do not understand the market. It is important that you know your consumers and that you understand the market.

Understanding the market gives you an edge and helps you scale the competition faster. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or you have been in business when you know your market, you can leverage that talent to keep you on top and to keep you getting the customers and the sale. Once you can identify your market, you need to thoroughly understand what the buyers in that market are looking for. For example, you might be in publishing or you might be in commerce. But, what do the people who buy your services in these industries want?

Identifying what they want is essential to making your marketing produce the right results. If you continue to peddle a product that they do not want or if you are unable to understand the right timing for your product, you will not make any sale regardless of the effort that you put into digital marketing. It is important therefore that you know your market and that you know also what the people in your market are looking for. Once you get a grasp of what your target customers need, you will be more able to provide them this. People will never buy what they do not want or need. So, to begin with, you must do your best and do some research to ensure that you are selling the right product or service.

This resolves half of your digital marketing problems. Much like traditional marketing, you cannot promote a bad product or service and expect to hit your target. You cannot expect to get leads or make sales with products and services that people in your target market are not looking for. To convince them to buy and to create success with your digital marketing campaign, you must be presenting the right thing to the right people and at the right time. This takes a bit of research to understand.

You must figure out what works in your market and when. This in itself is the crux of digital marketing. But it does not end there. You know your market, you know what they want, and you know when they want it. What now? You have to provide them with real value. If you can, you need to surpass their expectations. The value that you provide is what will keep them coming back. Should the customer buy something that does not work for them or does not achieve the desired result, they are likely never to buy it again.

If I need it at a future time, I will choose to try some other seller. If this new seller gives me the value that I desire with their product, then I will get back there whenever I need the product again. To set yourself above the competition, you must provide value to your clients. You must help them achieve the aim they are looking to achieve with your products and services. If they do not come back, they will refer to someone else.

The quality of product or service that you offer can enhance your marketing by taking it to a new level. The level where your customers promote your business for you. If you want your digital marketing achieving any results, make sure that you are offering real value to your

Finding a Product That Resonates With You

You can be trying to add value to your customers and clients with the products that you sell. This is impossible however if this product does not resonate with you. Do not a product that you do not believe in or that you do not like. You may be selling an item because you simply want to run a business but it is impossible to sell an item that you hate or that
you are not absolutely confident about.

This is why it is an important step in your digital marketing efforts that you sell something that is the right fit for you. Sell something that you can stand behind and that you can proudly market. Let the product you pick be something that you are absolutely certain will achieve the results you have placed behind it. Do the same with your services.

If you are offering a service, let it be a service that you are absolutely sure will change the realities for your client. But more importantly, let it be a service that you are good at. Let your service and your product bring real value to your client. If you do not have something on your plate that you are already looking to offer, then you should choose a product that you absolutely believe in and that you are proud to sell to others.

The faith that you have in your product resonates into how you offer it. Your customers can tell that the product or service will offer them the value that they need from the way you promote it. But you can never promote it so wholeheartedly if you do not believe in it yourself. You must make sure therefore that you are selling the right product in the first place this is when you can find likeminded individuals to sell it to.

It is quite possible for you to want to engage in sales but not have a product you want to sell. If this is the case, you will need to go hunting for what you want to sell before you can venture into the world of digital marketing. A good way to do this is to join the affiliate marketing programs of your favorite companies. I mean you already love the products they carry, so why not help out by choosing to sell these and make your bucks in the process. You may be more proactively and make your own items for sale. Whatever you do, make sure it’s a product that you absolutely Approve of!

Communicating Effectively With Your Prospects

The next step in getting ready to launch your digital marketing campaign is learning to communicate effectively. You are going to be talking to people. It is important that you learn how to do that. When it comes to marketing, you are not just looking to communicate; you are looking to do so in a way that drives the sales towards you. This kind of communication is persuasive and is filled with what experts have called people skills.

Engaging people in a way that makes them want to give you their money and take what you offer entails that you must be able to persuade them to do so. You must have the qualities and the skills that can make that happen. Whatever digital marketing efforts you put in place will not yield results if you cannot actually get someone to buy. Your digital marketing tools are just a medium through which you express your own ability to convince someone that your product offerings are the best that they will get in the market. You must have the necessary people skills.

People skills are not taught in school yet they are exhibited in our everyday interactions with others. The ability to influence other people’s decision and to communicate with them in a way that they understand us is essential to the success of any business. This is what we need to be able to sell. For you to get someone to pick your product over that of your competition, you must be able to convince them that it is yours they need or that yours is better.

Regardless of whether you are speaking with a customer over the phone or through social media or even through the content on your site, your personality and your ability to get them to buy your product must reach them through your chosen channel of communication. If they are not convinced that they need what you offer or that what you offer is the best in the market, they will not make the sale. Your people skills are what attract new opportunities to you. It may be natural for you or may not be but you must continue to sharpen it. Thankfully, that is possible to do.

You should begin by maintaining a helpful disposition. Your willingness to help will show through your content and through your communication. Don’t just approach a client with the aim of taking their money. Approach them with the aim of helping them achieve their desired result. This will make the client comfortable with you and ready to believe what you have to say. This will make you the first person on their mind the next time they have a similar situation to resolve.

Start sharpening your people skill by keeping a helpful disposition. Just as you believe that your product carries a solution, you should also listen carefully to what your customers’ actual problem is and whether your product or service can help resolve the problem. People can usually tell whether you want to take their money or you are offering something that can bring some succor to them. The latter kind of person is the one that they would buy from.

In your interactions with your prospects, be on the lookout to understand them. Asking questions can quickly get you to this place. What do they want? Why do they want it? How can your product help? Developing people skills can help you understand the market need of your target clients and help you position yourself in a place to meet these needs. There is no point in carrying products that no one will buy. Most likely because it cannot make their situation better or is simply not what they are looking for.

Make your communication stronger and able to hit the point by utilizing and developing your people skills. When you get this right, you can now invest in digital marketing because you know that such marketing efforts will yield some results.


The digital marketing world is the online world. When we refer to it like this, your mind quickly wanders off to social media. But social media is only one way that we market through the internet. This is why I thought it was necessary to let you know the advertising channels available to you in the digital marketing world. You may decide to use some or all of these marketing channels. Combining the tools available to you through digital marketing makes your voice stronger and makes you able to achieve your goals even faster.

The media through which you can promote your products and service when it comes to digital marketing are broadly classified into two. There is a free channel and the paid advertising channel. Of course, as the name suggests, if it’s free, you don’t have to pay. If it’s paid, you have to offset some price placed on it. The free advertising channels of marketing include YouTube, blogging, SEO and so on. The paid ones are mostly ads; on Facebook, Google and so on.

Free Advertising Channels


SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is the place to begin essentially. Everything you will be communicating through will eventually revolve around SEO. It is of utmost importance in the digital marketing world and has come to stay. Search Engine Optimization has something to do with Google. It is simply getting your content to rank on Google. Your content is the piece of information that you have created to reach your clients with and in most cases through which you want to persuade them to buy your products.

Contents are often articles and blog posts but could also be the various parts of your website and the writings you place there. Getting your piece of content to rank on Google is what is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is writing down that information and inputting keywords along the way so that when visitors search Google for related information, your content appears high up there on the search results.

You guessed right. If your content does not contain the keywords, it will not appear on the search results and therefore will not get seen. It will then be said not to rank. Making your contents SEO compliant entails that the keywords you input are something close to what people search for on the topic. So, if you are selling wigs for women, for example, you might want to use the phrase affordable wigs” in between your writing because this is basically what the women are looking for.

When they input search terms on Google, the search results that appear will include contents that have the words that the visitors have inputted. Google uses some algorithms to achieve this. The important thing for us looking to use digital marketing for sales conversion is to remember that each content we churn out should contain terms that pour customers are likely to search for. Doing otherwise would mean that they will never get to read what we put out there.


Blogging is another free way to use digital marketing to push your business forward. And blogging like SEO is free. You don’t have to pay anyone for them to get done. Unless of course, you want to. However, they are basic knowledge that you can learn on your own or by reading online. Blogging is quite popular today and may not need much explanation. It entails writing informative and educative pieces for your target audience in a place that you can actually call your own on the internet. When you blog, you attract people who love your topic and in the long run attract your customers.

People read blogs on things that they care about. So, your blog cannot be addressing every conceivable topic. Your blog has to be streamlined towards what you are selling. YouTube has the same effect and usage as well. In the case of YouTube, it’s called vlogging. You are doing pretty much the same thing except that now, you are doing it in the form of videos. Create a YouTube channel for your business and you upload videos seeking to help people who need your products.

You can make your videos varying. Teach them how to use your product and then in another tell them why they need it. When you are vlogging, make sure that your videos are captivating, and able to keep your audience watching until the end as this is what will make them stick around. People who love your videos and what you show them in it will seek out your product. Make sure you always ask them to subscribe to your channel as this is what will make them your views go up and attract more people.

The more people you get to view your videos, the more likely you are to attract to your channel and to your business people who need your product and who are willing to buy it.

You’re Website

Your website is your home on the internet. When you have tried all the basics of marketing which includes making your product known and getting it to the right people, the very next thing you will need is a place that your customers can reach you. I’m sure you do not want a one-sided communication as that is not good for business.

Now, that they know what you are selling and want to buy, how do they reach you? If they have any concerns or feedback, how do they get these across to you? All these concerns are resolved by owning a website. On top of that, your website can bring you new business. It is like spreading your wings. You do not want to be on YouTube alone.

You need somewhere else where the people who never go to YouTube can find your products. Your website is that place. Social media is free. You can use the various social media platforms to reach out to your customers but the reach is incredibly short unless you are going for paid ads. Your website solves this problem too.

You want to be where your customers are which most likely, social media is but you want your own place where you can direct them to. You have got to make sure that your website is captivating enough to keep them. Make sure your pages contain relevant content that your target audience will love and that they are outwardly presented so beautifully that your customers are likely to stay a little longer. This is the technical part.

The part where you have to learn about all the pages that websites contain. You also have to learn how to make these pages achieve their purpose. Always remember that all your digital marketing efforts are geared towards making a sale and retaining the customer. Remembering this will help you keep your prospects and help you achieve your goals with your efforts.

Paid Advertising Channels

Digital marketing is a funnel. It is a rounded process that consists of various things. At the point where you have set the ball rolling with all the free advertising marketing channels. You will want to take the leap into paying for ads. The ads to consider are Facebook ads and Google ads. These are the most popular. They are highly effective too. Google ads are placed in the search engine and displayed for all visitors on Google to see.

Visitors who find the ad captivating would click on them and then be redirected to your website. Countless people visit Google every day and this is one reason that ads placed there have a lot of conversion rates. Facebook ads are capable of being targeted towards people that you think need your products too. You can choose the location you want your ad displayed while you are setting it up. Facebook will then display the ads to people within the category that you had chosen.

The best way to make your Facebook ads effective is to include a “Buy Now” or a “Shop Now” feature. If your Facebook ad does not direct the people who click it to a place where they can get the product you are advertising, it would usually not be effective. If you are able to target your ads properly to your target audience, it would be easy to get conversions. Advertisements on prominent sites such as Facebook and Google are a sure way to reach more people faster.

The best way to make your Facebook ads effective is to include a “Buy Now” or a “Shop Now” feature. If your Facebook ad does not direct the people who click it to a place where they can get the product you are advertising, it would usually not be effective. If you are able to target your ads properly to your target audience, it would be easy to get conversions. Advertisements on prominent sites such as Facebook and Google are a sure way to reach more people faster.


The hard work embedded in an effective digital marketing plan can quickly add up. You have to learn pretty fast if you do not want to be paying huge amounts of money for practically everything. It is important that you become self-efficient because really some of these things are things that you can achieve on your own. You can brush up your social media skills and your blogging and vlogging skills. For the most part, it is about communicating as naturally as possible with people.

Social media is about interacting with others in a way that when you present your products, it appears like part of the interaction. It’s so much like not forcing yourself on people. You share photos and videos and comments right off the bat before you even get to start presenting something for sale and when you do place your product or service out there on social media, you are being natural at it as well.

This is something that we can learn. Blogging and vlogging are that easy to learn too. Sometimes, you may need the help of professionals like writers to help you create the best content but if you put your heart to it, even that could be something you can achieve too. You need to get tech savvy. Social media, adverts and all that we have talked about is hardly the tech-savvy part. The technical part is getting your website up and running. You need to learn how to build pages that convert.

Landing Pages

Perhaps the most difficult thing on your website would be your landing page. Your landing page is essential to your digital marketing plan. It is that page that a visitor gets to as soon as they reach your website. The content you place here is enough to help you get a sale or get the client running off elsewhere. People have a lot of things competing for their attention on the internet today. So, your landing page must be able to hold their attention.

You are not trying to hold the attention of everyone and anyone. You are specifically concerned about people who need the product that you offer. This is what you’re landing page targets. It is where you explain your product or service and you get your visitor to take action. You can ask them to subscribe or you can ask them to purchase your product. Your goal here on this page is to keep this person and to hopefully convert them into a customer.

Not everyone who visits your site will eventually become a customer. In some cases, your product or service may not be what they are looking for. However, most of the people on your website are looking for your product and service or something related. That is why they are there.

Remember SEO, their search terms on Google is what landed them on your website in the first place. When you bear this in mind, you will realize how important it is that you’re landing page grasps their attention and keeps it. The icing on the cake would be that your landing page gets them to act on that attention. There are tools on the internet that can help you build your landing page and you can also get a professional to do this for you.

You’re Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel is also called a sales funnel. It is the path that a visitor on your website will take until he eventually makes a sale. Many people will be visiting your website and these are people who need what you are selling but not all will get to the point where they make a sale. The pathway they take until they hit that button that gets you the sale is your conversion
funnel. Your landing page is the first page on your conversion funnel.

The number of people that will go through your entire funnel will be less than those who eventually buy. This is why it is essential that you learn how to build a sales funnel that is effective. There are a lot of reasons why people drop off your conversion funnel. Some of them will be technical and will be associated with getting disconnected along the line. The more you monitor your marketing process, the more it would be obvious to you what is causing the fewer conversions.

The important thing right off the bat is that you identify that you will be creating a funnel on your website and you identify also what this funnel is. How many clicks will a prospect go through before he is convinced enough to make a sale? What portions of your website do those clicks take him through? At what point is he likely to get uninterested and how can you improve on this? Building an effective sales funnel is essential to your digital marketing efforts.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process where you examine the data that you derive on your website to help you draw relevant conclusions. Data Analytics, for example, can help you know why your website visitors are dropping off the funnel. Data Analytics is important because it can help you make better business decisions and can help you improve the general direction of your business.

Data Analytics is a technical terrain but there are software and technologies that can quickly help you out with that. Data Analytics can improve your revenue and your operational methods by pointing out to you what needs to change. In the same manner that you analyze data, you may need to analyze people too.

This is where project management comes in. Your business may involve project management efforts in which case you have to keep tab with the people you are working with and with how your product or service offering is helping them achieve their goals. People will usually not get back if they do not see the results they were looking for.

Double check to ensure that the projects you undertake for your clients or that your product or service was meant to accomplish was indeed effective. Getting feedback from your client can quickly help you take care of this.


Getting your digital marketing right takes some effort and commitment on your part. It also requires you to be open to experimentation. You may not get it right the first time but the more you keep at it, the more likely you are to get leads and conversions. The more likely you are to make sales. It takes passion to work at your marketing efforts until it yields some result.

The results may not be visible at first but as time goes on and with the right
marketing strategies in place, you will find that your sales ratio is going up and your customer retainer level is on the increase. It takes a passion for you to continue to work at your business until you see the statistic improve. It takes a passion for your product and passion for your business.

As long as you believe in what you are selling, standing by it would be much easier. Passion is not all you need though. Great businesses are not built in a day. They take time. You have to be patient enough to see the results manifest. You have to be patient enough to get to the point where you are actually selling and not working at it. It takes patience and continual work to reach the point when your digital marketing efforts produce the sales you anticipate commensurate with the effort you had put in.

Being patient is literarily impossible if you do not keep a positive attitude. As you learn to market your product or service and advance your business, you must learn too how to acquire the right attitude that keeps you working at your business. The attitude you need is one of positivity and of knowing that everything will eventually fall in place.

It is as important as the digital marketing efforts that you build this attitude and watch it keep you through the process of working and of waiting for your efforts to bring you the sales. Take risks, be positive and hope for the best only. This is what will make your stay long enough to see your efforts yielding the fruits you desire.

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